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any tips on drawing an anthro cat vs an anthro dog? im having some trouble!


I think an important thing to remember is cats and dogs have very different facial structure; even within their own species can have very varied faces. So, depending on what type of cat/ dog youre drawing their face shape will change.  

dont forget non-domesticated feline/ canine have different faces from the standard domesticated dog/ cat, same thing applies tho. depending on what species they are, their faces will vary.

my advice is study various types of feline and various types of canine. You can easily notice a cats differences from a dogs. a common error i see people make is “dog muzzle syndrome” where they put a dogs nose/ mouth on a cat.

yeh that doesn’t look exactly right…
just be aware of feline/ canine differences when you draw and keep studying! Learn as many types of canine/ feline as you can and it will help you distinguish important differences depending on the face you’re drawing!

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